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Twilight kläder

SELF: How is Bella’s look in Eclipse different from in New Moon?
Tish Monaghan:
Well, it’s funny because the movies come out a year apart, but onscreen, only a week has passed. With Bella [Kristen Stewart], she’s a little more settled in public and in her relationship with Edward. And so, at the beginning, I wanted to show a little bit more of a relation to the Cullens’ colors, a cool palate, and steer away from the warm earth tones that were more evident in New Moon.

There are quite a few romantic scenes, so I wanted to show a softer side of Bella without going too girly or feminine, because that’s just not at the heart of who she is. She’s a very practical person, so I tried to soften her up a bit with color. We open up with her wearing one of her signature plaid shirts, but it’s in a softer, lilac fabric and looks very pretty in a field of flowers. We tried to retain the integrity of her character, but just lighten her up a little.

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