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The hilliwood kommer till Forks

Cullen Sighting in Forks?!
In Forks, the setting for Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga, fans will soon see Edward and Bella strolling down Forks Avenue hand in hand. The Hillywood Show, the production company that brought fans the Twilight and New Moon parodies with several million views on YouTube, will be making a very special personal appearance on August 6th and 7th in Forks. Their appearance is sponsored by Dazzled by Twilight, the company that provides the ultimate Twilight experience in Forks.

The Hillywood Show began as a fun hobby for two sisters, Hannah and Hilly Hindi, putting together parodies and spoofs in their living room with little more than a handheld camera and some convincing wigs. Their 5 to 8 minute videos involve character impersonations from films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight, The Runaways and more, with their own spin on incorporating multiple references into one hilarious vignette. As their fan base grew, so did their talent, diversity and ability to connect with a loyal audience. Their recent parodies of Twilight and New Moon are now played on web sites all over the world and have created a fan base numbering in the millions. What is perhaps the most surprising fact is that all directing, editing, acting and design is done completely by Hannah and Hilly. They are also the hosts and emcees of Creation Entertainment’s Official Twilight Tour (Summit Entertainment’s licensed and endorsed convention company) and currently tour all over the country year-round with their cast of Edward, Bella, Jacob, Alice and Jasper. Their upcoming parody of Eclipse, releasing in the fall, has media in a frenzy to get a look at the girls’ next genius production. Learn more at

Twilight Fandom Entertainers The Hillywood Show Make Special Appearance in Twilight’s hometown of Forks, WA

Who , What, When, Where

Link to the Twilight Parody:
Link to the New Moon Parody:

The Twilight Lounge in Forks will house events on Friday, August 6th and Saturday, August 7th for and by The Hillywood Show, including an exclusive Q&A session, dance instruction by the dynamic sisters who choreograph their own dances in their parodies, a formal Hillywood Ball and screenings of their collection of parodies. At Dazzled by Twilight’s exclusive tour company hub, The Hillywood Show will also be signing autographs and taking pictures, where you can also pick up your very own Hillywood merchandise.

The summary of events are as follows:

• Friday, August 6th
o 7pm-8pm: Meet and Greet with THS (Twilight Lounge)- A free event where fans can meet the cast and creators of The Hillywood Show up close and personal! Mingle with friends and converse with these talented entertainers! Space is limited.
o 8pm-1am: The Hillywood Ball (Twilight Lounge)- A $10 cover charge will admit you into a spectacular formal ball where you’ll step back in time. Dress in your Volturi best! The cast of Hillywood will join us for a limited time during the ball. Then dance the night away with Dazzled by Twilight’s hottest DJ! Space is limited.
• Saturday, August 7th
o 2pm-3pm: Twilight/New Moon Dance instruction (Twilight Lounge)- This free event will have you dancing like the stars! Sisters and creators of The Hillywood Show, Hannah and Hilly Hindi, will teach you in easy-to-follow steps the hip-hop routines danced in the Twilight and New Moon parodies. Wear your dancing shoes! Space is limited.
o 3pm-4pm: The Hillywood Show Screening Party (Twilight Lounge)- Get together with your friends and head to the Twilight Lounge for a screening of all of Hillywood’s productions! Concessions will be for sale and laughter is guaranteed. This event is free. Space is limited.
o 4:30-5:30pm: Q&A session (Twilight Lounge)- This is a rare opportunity to have your questions answered by Hillywood! How did they learn to do their own makeup? Where do they film? How many people are behind the scenes? This fun event isn’t to be missed! This event is free. Space is limited.
o 6pm-8pm: Autograph/Photograph Session/Shopping (Dazzled by Twilight Tour Company Hub)- Take a picture with Hillywood or receive a signed photo slick from the cast and creators of the show (minimal charges apply). Don’t forget to purchase a Hillywood tee shirt!

Media is invited to participate in any and all events!

About Dazzled by Twilight, sponsors of The Hillywood Show in Forks
Dazzled by Twilight is the premiere company dedicated to all things Twilight. Based in Forks, Dazzled by Twilight offers a plethora of Twilight-related merchandise in their beautifully designed store. Their premier bus tour company hosts exclusive tours that highlight the locations in Forks mentioned in the series, and features in-character tour guides, trivia and prizes. Dazzled by Twilight also owns and operates other Twilight-themed businesses in Forks, including a venue and night club called the Twilight Lounge, The Lodge in Forks Restaurant and The Dungeon, a Volturi-themed bar based on the vampire hierarchy in the books. You can learn more about Dazzled by Twilight at

Dazzled by Twilight CONTACTS
Media: Becky Scoggins, Marketing and Publicity Director
336.230.0015 Office
336.210.2009 Direct

Forks Store: Annette Root, Owner
360.374.5101 Office


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