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I: One of the most waited scene of Eclipse is the kiss between Bella and Jacob. In the last chapter there was another kiss between Bella and Edward, which won for Best kiss and the Mtv Movie Awards 2009. How do you feel about this?
K:They’re completely different kisses. The one with Edward is like the end of the maturation path of their relationship, a kiss that goes beyond the daze at the beginning, that puts at stake something stronger (since Edward is played by Pattinson, this comment sounds more like autobiographical than cinematic; Ed)
With Jacob is different. He kisses him because she doesn’t want to lose him, it’s a sort of manipulation. But in that moment she understands something she had never realized before, that is he has lots to give her. So you realize that staying with Edward is a choice, not a need.

I: How did it go on set between you guys? Any embarrassment?
K: No. Rob is a good friend, we basically grow up together. And that’s the same with Taylor. This is why we worked really good: you can’t lie with a friend, this is very important when you act.

I: How much do you look like your character?
K: Even if I play her, I don’t think we’re similar physically. We have different eyes and different hair. But I feel linked to Bella because I played her for so much time and also because there’s something very visceral in Meyer’s description which dragged me into her world.

I: In which aspects do you identify with her?
K:I feel like her. Bella is “weird”, in the symbolic sense of the word, but she’s happy with it. She’s always herself.

I: Don’t you think that a woman like her, as a symbol of the romantic hero, is not so topical today?
K: No, I don’t. Because I don’t think Edward Is a hero, and this is what they like about the story. Bella is just a girl in love with a guy she thinks is perfect, the ideal man. It’s normal, it happens to everybody when we fall in love. (she smiles. Her thought seems to be more about her boyfriend Robert than the vampire Edward; Ed)

I: But the Twilight world talks about powers and characters not so normal. What do you think about the supernatural?
K: I always liked the myth. I was intrigued by the fact that old stories could live for so long and that civilizations far from each other could have the same legends. But I don’t believe in the supernatural. I believe people are strange and and between human being there are more deep and complex links than what we're used to think.

I: I know that the huge fame this character gave you, is giving you some relations problems.
K: Yeah, I actually developed a crazy fear for the crowds, many people together can be dangerous. But there’s something more. When I go somewhere I see people start to elbow and whisper, they have an idea of me, they know me. I realized I won’t ever be a normal girl and go unnoticed again. And this is scares me.

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