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Twilight fans gör Matt en smula Nervös

E!Online has a new interview with Vampires Suck star Matt Lanter (aka Edward Sullen).

In  the interview Matt talks about Twilight fans, and how he was nervous at first, thinking they were not going to be accepting of the Twilight/New Moon spoof -

“I really hope I don’t see Robert [Pattinson],” Matt joked to us on the carpet. But that wasn’t what really made him nervous…

“I’m just kidding, Rob seems like a cool guy, I’m sure he’ll laugh about [the film]. I’ve heard he has a sense of humor about it all.”

“It was the Twilight fans, the Twi-hards, who I was really worried about,” Matt said, with a smile that rivals Taylor Lautner‘s pearly whites, might we add. “But they seem to like it actually. I think the Twilight fans have a sense of humor, so it’s making it that much more fun.”

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“You get a couple of jokes here and there with other stuff, but it really follows Twilight pretty closely. If you’re a Twilight fan and know the movies you’re going to get a lot of the jokes. We make fun of Becca and Edward. [Kristen Stewart's] name is Becca, we couldn’t use the actual names except Edward and Jacob. We somehow got away with those. Bella Swan is Becca Crain in [Vampires Suck].”
“I actually did read Twilight. I read the book and watched the first couple of movies a lot so I get it,” he said about the franchise. “Even though we are making fun of them, we wanted to pick up on the mannerisms and body movements of the characters. It was fun!”

As for whether Lanter has had any negative feedback from the cast about their new movie, he says not yet.

“I’m not even sure if they all know about it.”

Vampires Suck hits theatres this Wednesday (August 18t). It is a MUST see!!


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