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Robert´s ”Water for Elephants” söker statister!

041210_rpattzNu så söker producenterna som producerar filmen Water for Elephants, en film som Robert Pattinson och Reese Witherspoon är med i, statister. Så om du råkar vara i Los Angeles den 17 april så kanske det är dags för dig att söka in som statist? Det finns dock flera krav för att du ska vara med.

Water for Elephants” pairs Robert and Reese together once again (remember when Robert played Reese’s son in 2004’s “Vanity Fair”?) in a tale based on the historical novel of the same name by Sara Gruen. The story, as told in the novel, follows a series of intense memories by Jacob Jankowski, a man in his 90s. Jacob remembers the year he was 23, preparing for his final exams at Cornell University, when he received news that his parents were killed in a car accident.


As ”WFE” continues, Jacob leaves school to join the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth and put his skills to use during the Great Depression. When Jacob — who presumably aspires to be like his veterinarian father — sees how badly head trainer August (Christoph) treats the animals, he struggles to reconcile August’s brutality with his at times charming personality. The plot thickens as Jacob, a virgin, falls in love with August’s wife Marlena (Reese). Sounds juicy, eh?

The Craigslist ad (which is ”verified,” according to the ”WFE” Twitter account) notes that the production is currently seeking the following:

- Caucasian men with very 1930s looking period faces

- African American men with short 1930s period haircuts, all size 46 coat or smaller

- Caucasian women with shoulder length hair or shorter, size 6 or smaller

- Also you should note: ”No piercings, tattoos, no breast implants, no artificial nails, no highlighted or colored hair.”

Om det skulle vara så att du verkligen befann dig där just då och uppfyllde kraven så kan du läsa mer här. Håll med om att det skulle vara super att vara statist i en film som Rob är med i…

Källa: MTV


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