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Can't think of a grand enough gesture to show your devotion to your favourite star? Tat’s not a problem for Cathy Ward.

She is a huge fan of the Twilight movies – though you might have guessed that already.

Mrs Ward decided to have a tattoo of the main stars of the hit Hollywood film on her back. And the 48-year-old is not done yet. She also wants the film’s lead star – the gorgeous Robert Pattinson who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the films – tattoed across her stomach.

“It didn’t hurt that much – the main problem was sitting down for so long,” she said.Supermarket worker Mrs Ward wanted to give something back to the cast, who she said helped her lose weight.She went from a size 20 to 14 in a year and said her once-depleted self-esteem has now soared.

Mrs Ward, who makes cakes in the bakery at Morrisons in Whitley, said: “Like Bella [Kristen Stewart in Twilight] is at the beginning, I had no confidence. She is very clumsy and doesn’t think much of herself. Neither did I.

“But she progresses over the course of the first and second film and books and I have, too.” Although husband Colin is not a fan of her tattoo, Mrs Ward has no regrets about her body art.She had the tattoo done in No Limits in Oxford Road, West Reading, at the end of March.It was completed in one sitting, lasting four-and-a-half hours, and cost £500.She continued: “I won’t mind when I am 80. I like getting tattoos. This is me.”

Mrs Ward became a fan of the Twilight series in December 2008. The first part tells the story of a small-town girl falling in love with a vampire.In the second installment, Bella finds herself caught in a love triangle with Edward and her best friend Jacob – a werewolf, played by Taylor Lautner. But Mrs Ward of Waldeck Street, Katesgrove, is a sworn Team Edward fan.

She said: “The book and films are so well done.

“Robert Pattinson is fantastic. He makes such a convincing Edward and is perfectly cast. He is great in other films too – so intense.” Mrs Ward’s Morrisons’ workmate Sharon Wicks, 38, of Brayford Road, Whitley, said she loved the tattoo. She said: “She’s a massive Twilight fan and is firmly Team Edward. It looks great.”

[...] Mrs Ward bestämde sig för att ha en stor tatuering på sin rygg, av den populära hollywoodfilmen. - 48 åringen är inte klar än. hon vill också ha filmens stjärna - vackra robert pattinson tatuerad över sin mage.
"Det gör inte så ont- problemet var bara att det gjorde ont i ryggen efter så länge sittandes." [...] den gjordes i ett svep- fyra och en halv timma, och kostade 5000* svenska kr. [...]

*om man räknar med att ett pund motsvarar 10 svenska kr.

Jag hade aldrig gjort något sådant här - inte tatuerat in en bild. i alla fall inte så stor. Om jag skulle tatuera in något som har med twilight att göra så skulle det bli ett citat, Men det citatet skulle få ha haft en annan betydelse också. som "I can't live in a world were you don't exist", det betyder ju mycket

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