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Kristen Tells The World ” I’LL LOVE HIM FOREVER!”

They’ll always have Paris… and London.. and Munich. With all their kissing, hugging and hand-holding this week, Kristen Stewart, 19 and Robert Pattinson, 23, looked more like - well, honeymooners -than co-stars as they promoted the worldwide release of New Moon , the Twilight sequel. “They’re level-headed kids,” a source close to the couple tells OK!, “but even for them, it was hard not to be swept away by the romance of it all. They got quite emotional - it was like a fairy tale beyond their wildest dreams.” Above all, after months of on-again-off-again drama, “this trip removed any doubt in Rob and Kristen’s minds that they belong together,” reveals another insider. “They are having such a blast promoting the movie and spending quality time together. Both of them are completely in love and have told each other they can’t imagine being with anyone else. They’ve said in no uncertain terms that they will love each other forever.”

In New Moon, as Twi-hards well know, the relationship between mortal teen Bella Swan and vampire Edward Cullen not only reaches passionate new heights, but it becomes sealed for all time - this despite the fact that the characters are broken up for much of the movie. For Rob and Kristen, the real-life parallel is downright eerie. Though they separated over the  summer - he was filming the indie drama Remember Me in NYC while she shot the rock ‘n’ roll biopic The Runaways on the West Coast - absence did indeed make their hearts grow fonder. So much so, in fact, that when the pair reunited to shoot Eclipse in August, “they were like an old married couple,” confirms a source. “They’d drive to the set together and return back to their hotel together. If Kristen was taking longer to get out of her makeup and wardrobe, Rob would wait until she was done so that they could share a security car.” Once home for the night, they’d hold up in their massive 2,000-square-foot living quarters at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre. “They were truly inseparable,” adds the source - and not just off the set. “Though they were each given deluxe trailers, she’d always be in his, or he would always be in hers.”

From the moment they met the 2007 Twilight audition, Rob and Kris felt an immediate spark. The pair shared a bedroom scene, and Rob popped a Valium to ease his nerves. “I was calm and collected, and then we do this thing where we’re pretty much making out,” Rob told Harper’s Bazaar in the magazine’s December issue. That did it; he was a goner. “I definitely had a thing with Kristen,” he has admitted. “Your first impulse is to ask her for her phone number.” The electricity was mutual.”We had a very responsive, palpable thing,” Kristen tells Bazaar. In fact, she told Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke - who was considering other actors for the rold of Edward - “Are you joking” I can’t do the movie unless Rob does it.” For her part, Cathering could see “they had this nervous attraction and this pull towards each other,” she told Vanity Fair in its December issue. “You could see the chemistry.” Once shooting began on the film, Catherine says, the pair would spend hours discussing what Bella and Edward meant to each other. “What Rob and Kristen had is a multitude of feelings for each other… complex, intense fascination.” And, of course, passion. “In terms of what Kristen told me directly, it didn’t happen on the first movie,” Catherine recently told Time magazine. “Nothing crossed the line while on the first film. I think it took a long time for Kristen to realize, ‘Okay, I’ve got to give this a go and really try to be with this person.’”

Kristen says she would have probably come clean “if people hadn’t made such a big deal about it. If we go out in public, every little detail is scrutinized, like the way I stand next to him.” When asked about the romance, Kristen explained to Entertainment Weekly, “People are deeply judgemental…. I would love to be like, ‘I don’t care what anybody thinks.’ But I’m a very private person.”

 This past week, however, they let their actions speak them. For one thing, the couple’s London visit meant Rob could bring Kristen home to meet his family and friends. “It was great for him to introduce her as his girlfriend. He was so proud of her,” a source tells OK! “For so long they’ve been tiptoeing around the subject. Rob wanted to protect Kristen by giving her a little privacy, which is why they’re so coy. But when he’s with his friends and family, he’s totally open about how in love they are.”

Ditto K-Stew. “Kristen is telling everybody close to her that she’s totally smitten with Rob and will love him forever,” adds another source. “She was keeping things private for so long, but now she’s so proud to publicly call him her boyfriend. She’s so happy the world now knows they’re not hiding their love. All her friends and family know how much she loves Rob - and she always will.” and their body language through-out Europe - beginning with a very public hand-holding in Paris on Nov.10 - spoke volumes. “Rob was acting protectively toward Kristen the whole time, and she was leaning toward him, almost like he was a human magnet,” a friend tells OK!. “They were constantly whispering into each other’s ears and nuzzling up to each other when nobody was looking. Whenever the cameras were off, they’d hold hands or sneak off somewhere private for a romantic kiss. It’s just so wonderful to see them so happy in love.”

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