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Kristen Stewart förklarar varför hon klippte håret till "The Runaways"


"It was fine. I've worn wigs before, just not with such ... I just felt such a tactile thing with Joan [that I cut my hair for the role]," she told MTV News on the red carpet of "The Runaways" premiere. "She holds all of her energy in her hands. I can be Bella without my hair, but I couldn't play Joan without."

And while some teenage girls would not have been too eager to chop off their locks, Stewart said she didn't have an emotional attachment to her strands. "I think Dakota was more emotional than I was, to be honest," she said. "She, like, almost cried when I cut my hair. It was something I needed to do. I needed to feel the sweat coming down my face and, like, I needed to be able to touch it. I just needed to do it."

The bond between Stewart and Fanning went far beyond that of just hair — the girls admitted that they became really good friends while shooting the flick. "It would have been really awful had we not [gotten along]," she said. "It is really rare, I have to say. I've worked with so many young people. I've met so many young people, actors, and everyone's different. Everybody's doing things for different reasons. I strongly admire [her]. It's cool."
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