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Kellan i intervju! pratade med Kellan Lutz om hans nya film Nightmare on Elm Street, som är en remake av den klassiska skräckfilmen från 1984. Jag såg trailern på bio för några dagar sen och det såg riktigt läskigt ut. Här är ett utdrag från intervjun:

Q: What did you think of the original Nightmare on Elm Street?
A: You know, growing up, Freddy Krueger was the only thing that scared me. I have three older brothers who picked on me, and they did anything to beat me up, but Freddy was the ultimate freak factor. Because Jason from Friday the 13th or Chucky — they were kind of funny. I even had a Chucky doll. But something that attacks you in your sleep? [shivers]

Q: So which gets you more attention these days — Twilight or the Calvin Klein-underwear ads?

A: Well, I had my mom’s best friends proposing [after Twilight], which is kind of flattering. Some of them are really quite attractive. So I might hold onto those numbers and e-mails. But with Calvin Klein, it was always a dream to be a part of the company, and to do it on such a high level? I didn’t know it would be for underwear, at first. But, hey, Mark Wahlberg, it really helped his career, and I can only hope I get half the chance he did. Twilight opens doors, but Rob [Pattinson], Kristen [Stewart], and Taylor [Lautner] are the faces of the franchise, and the rest of us float under the radar, so I think this will allow me to have my time. And hopefully people seeing me in my Skivvies will allow me to have some awesome action movies come my way.

Q: At least that’ll help you with Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. There’s more Emmett coming up?

A: Yes! A lot more fighting with the Cullens. I know they’re working on scripts, potentially breaking the last one into two movies. They haven’t said anything to us yet. Once my agent gets the phone call that we’re good to go. And I would love to do it in 3-D. What actor wouldn’t?

Q: So when are we going to see an Emmett-based rock band? Bella and Edward already have Twi-rock bands inspired by them.

A: There should be an Emmett band, yes! I have three roommates, and they’re very gung ho about it, when I told them I had an idea to start a band ourselves. We are currently taking classes, and hopefully we could become a 30 Seconds to Mars-type band. I would love that.


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