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Kellan i intervju Magazine

Kellan Lutz is featured in Interview Magazine.

Head on over to Interview Magazine for more pics, a video and interview with the sexy man!!!
Those pics are so very yummy!!!!

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

MARK JACOBS: Hi, Kellan? Where are you right now? I am in my backyard in L.A. hanging out with my two dogs.

JACOBS: Who are your dogs?
Kola is a shepherd-husky mix I adopted from the Compton animal shelter. Kevin is the newest, most adorable member of our family. He’s a Chihuahua. I found him on the street when I came back from one of my trips.



JACOBS: You spent time on a dairy farm in Iowa while you were growing up? Iowa is where the big farm was, where my grandparents lived. After my parents divorced, we would visit them. My mom would send me out to the pigpen, where we had these huge, huge pigs. I would stand there for six hours holding a hose, watering pigs. They’d dive in the mud and shake it off, and I’d go home covered in it. I loved the whole thing of getting wet and dirty and then getting in a warm bath.p out around the farm. We’d tear barns down; we’d build barns. I’d rather be outside rolling hay or driving the tractors.

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