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Do you wanna learn to speak some Quileute?

hah-ch chee-EH] “Good morning”
[hah-ch toe-CHOKE-tee-yuh] “Good afternoon”
[hah-ch uh-WAY] “Good night!”
[uh-YAH-so-CHUH] “How are you?” (-cha, said to a man)
[uh-YAH-so-CHID] “How are you? (-chid, said to a woman)
[HAH-ch-lee Ho] “I’m good/well”
[HATE-kwoh-lee] “I’m sick”
[yah-po-tahl-lee] “I’m tired”
[hay-LAH-uh-lee] “I’m grouchy”
[yup-THOH-oh-lee] “I’m hung over (also, I’m drunk)”
[WAH-shay-th-lee tick-thoh-oh-wah] “I’m going
[hah-HECK-tee-yuh] “today” [fqxi-here, now; -ktiya-day]
[uh-YAH-so-CHUH hah-HECK-tee-yuh] “How are you today?”
[HATE-kwoh-lee hah-HECK-tee-yuh] “I’m sick today”
[KAY-h-kuh] “Go away, Get away from me. Get outa here.”
[wuhs ho] “No way!”
[wuhs tuh-huh-KWAH-say] “Not so hot! “
[chee-tuh-KAY-do] “He’s/she’s/it’s a killer!”
[ah-thlah-CHUH to a man or –CHID to a woman] “What are you doing?”
[pah-KATE-lee] “I’m working.”
[TSAH-thlee] “I’m not doing anything.”
[quo-oh-KAY-th-chuh to a man, or –chid
to a woman] “Where are you going?”
[pah-kate-KAY-th-lee] “I’m going to work.”
[POKES-kay-thlee] “I’m going to Forks.”
[TAY-hwah-lee] “I’m going home.”
[hah-CHAH-th hah-hECK-tee-yuh] “Good weather today.”
[buh-SAH-th hah-HECK-tee-yuh] “Bad weather today.”
[CHAY-shuh hah-HECK-tee-yuh] “It’s windy today.”
[WAY-th] “one”
[THAH-oo] “two
[KWAH-uhl] “three”
[BAH-uh-yahs] “four”
[TAH-see] “five”
[EH-sh] “many, a lot”
[luh-KAH] “not many, a few”
[HAH-ch - buh-SAY] “Good –vs- bad (anything good: delicious, handsome, nice – versus – anything bad: naughty, sinful, worthless)”
[Tuh-HAH - hwOH-s] “hot -vs- cold (weather)”
[tuh-HAH-lee - keh-EE’ee-lee] “I’m warm –vsperson is feeling rather than the weather)”
[thuh-BAY-tee - hah-YAH-kuh] “strong -vs- weak”
[wiss-SAH - HATE-cool tah-THAY-tuh-lee] “happy –vs- sad (heart-sick)
[huh-BAH - TSAH-duh] “all –vs- none”
[KWOH-hwuh - BOH’oh-tuh] “skinny vs- fat”
[WAY-loh-oht – BOH-ts] “long –vs- short”
[HUH-hay] – “now (but also here)”
[hw-PA (as in hat)] – “in a little while, soon”
[chee PA (as in hat)] – “ a while ago”
[tsuh-DAH - THLOH-hwah-duhs] “young –old (of people)”
[TSAH-tuh - HAY-tuh-bah] “new – old, worn ou (of things)”
[ah-YAH-so-chuh or chid] “How are you?”
[ah-th-lah-CHUH or CHID] “What are you doing?”
[quoh-oh-KAY-th-CHUH or CHID] “Where are
you going?”
[SHAY-puh] “black”
[THLOH- puh] “r79pa means blue or green “
[PAY-chuh] “red”
[kuh-BAH-thluh] – “white” (but not White man….see A
[pay-THLAY-so] “yellow”
[kuh-LAY-so] “brown”
[kwoh-LAY-yoh-t!] “Quileute”
[HAY-stuh AH-lit-uh] Give me something to eat (food) or Give me a fish.
[HAY-stuh TAH-see] Give me Five! (i.e. a “high five”)
[HAY-stuh TAH-luh] Give me a dollar or give me money
[HAY-stuh LAHB] Give me something to drink (i.e. alcoholic – lab is from “rum”)
[HO-quaht] “a non-Indian, usually White, but a black is a ship-h9k2at (a black non-Indian)”
[POH-ohk] “an Indian (male or female, not nec. Quileute)”
[WAH-lee tah-chuh-AH] “I don’t know.”

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