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Classic Rob rumors

MTVs Larry Carroll har skrivit en väldigt, väldigt rolig artikel där han tar hål på 10 klassiska, konstiga rykten om Robert. Även lite nytt, som att Rob skulle vara döv till exempel... Läs nedan!

When somebody is impossibly good-looking, simply placing a picture of them on your magazine/Web site/tabloid can get a huge audience to pay attention. If the person is one of the biggest movie stars in the world, an outrageous story about them can capture countless eyeballs. And if they happen to be both, well, all the better.

Over the past 22 months or so, Robert Pattinson has rocketed from obscurity to omnipresence. He's also dealt with a ton of ridiculous rumors. Now, hot on the heels of reports that RPattz was going to play Kurt Cobain in a feature film, we look back on the 10 dumbest (and utterly untrue) Robert Pattinson rumors:

Rob's Nirvana?
: The Sun is a British tabloid that seems to specialize in stories about how Megan Fox is going to play Catwoman. Their latest "scoop," however, was a real doozy — Rob was in regular contact with Courtney Love and had landed the role of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain in a biopic. The rumor got a bit of traction, particularly because of RPattz's well-documented love of music, but ultimately the Sun story was dismissed by Love's reps, leaving the tabloid to offer all apologies.

Rob Is Preggers
: It would be one thing to suggest that whomever RPattz is supposed to be dating this week is pregnant. But an Australian tabloid once reported that a little Rob was on the way and — get this — he was the one who was going to give birth to it! Perhaps the editors have been watching too many bad early '90s Arnold Schwarzenegger comedies lately, but the report was so ridiculous that even Rob himself singled it out as the craziest rumor he had ever heard about himself. We're no doctors, but six months have passed since the "news" broke, and since Rob's not showing yet, we're thinking it's safe to call this one bogus.

Rob Is a Pirate
: Yo ho ho and a bottle of bull. That's what rumors of RPattz playing Jack Sparrow's brother in "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" turned out to be, after reports had him battling Zac Efron and Russell Brand (!?) for the role. Somebody needs to make whoever started that rumor walk the plank.

OME! Rob Is Engaged!
: Have you sent RPattz an engagement gift yet? Because he got engaged last August. And then again in September, March and apparently Tuesday (April 13) as well. If you haven't sent a gift yet, don't worry: We're sure he'll get engaged two or three more times this week.

Rob Is Dating Everyone
: Twilighters would love nothing more than if Rob were actually involved with Kristen Stewart. "Lost" fans would dig it if he ended up with Emilie de Ravin. Somebody out there must want him to date Megan Fox, Nikki Reed, Camilla Belle and Erika Dutra, whoever that is. There was even a rumor out there that he was dating Katy Perry — which would be a good way at getting Russell Brand back for stealing away his "Pirates 4" role. Through it all, Rob has denied dating any of them — so let's give the dude some space, OK, guys?

Rob Is Deaf
: After RPattz made some tongue-in-cheek comments about how loud it was whenever he went out in public, some outlets decided to twist his words into an admission that he was actually deaf. Isn't it tragic that his fans have screamed at him so much that he'll have to film the "Breaking Dawn" movies using sign language? MTV News can confirm that we've interviewed him numerous times, and either his hearing is fine or he's the most amazing lip-reader in the world.

Rob Is Gay
: Apparently, when Rob isn't dating every actress in Hollywood, he's busy dating every actor as well. Some outlets recently twisted an interview with one of Rob's friends to make it sound like something far more than friendship. Not that there would be anything wrong with it, but such a rumor seems as bogus as it is sad that someone would write it.

Rob Is Bond
: At the "Remember Me" premiere in London, RPattz was asked if he'd like to play James Bond. What British actor wouldn't? Of course, when he said he would, certain sites reported it as fact. Such silliness can only leave his fans shaken and more than a bit stirred.

Rob Is an American Idol
: A few months ago, the Web went wild with reports that Simon Cowell had approached Rob with a record deal. As much as some Twilighters would like it to happen, the reports turned out to be bogus (shocking!), so don't be looking for Rob on Cowell's hit show anytime soon.

Rob Stinks
: Another RPattz rumor as suspicious as it was sad, last March an "unidentified source" was reported as saying that Rob's co-stars on "New Moon" thought he smelled bad. We've interviewed Rob numerous times and sniffed nothing more than charm and charisma — so, like many other RPattz rumors, it's the report itself that stunk.

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