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Bonnie Wright And Jamie Campbell Bower Reportedly Engaged, So We Choose Their Wedding Party

Since Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower transitioned pretty quickly from confirmed relationship to engaged-after-eight-months, we're guessing "Here Comes The Bride" isn't too far off either.

If you've ever read a post on Hollywood Crush than you know that we're big fans of both "Twilight" and Harry Potter," so we figured we'd do our part to help in the wedding-planning process. We have watched "The Wedding Planner" on numerous occasions, after all, so consider us certified experts.



When we reached out to Bonnie's rep for comment, she would not confirm or deny the engagement, responding with, "We don't comment on our clients' personal lives." Still, we're taking that pretty obvious rock on her finger as proof that wedding bells will be ringing very soon for these young lovers.

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Vad snygg de nya headern är, hela desingen är jättefin<3

2010-04-27 / 15:29:21

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